Tuesday 14 June 2022


Inage Credit. Talia Fidra Instagram

Talia Fidra is an accomplished ballerina who until recently danced with the Queensland Ballet. She contacted me to create and produce a perfume that was suitable for mornings in the studio that she would sell as a part of her new dance wear brand Tagleo.

One of the challenges of creating a fragrance are the minimum order quantities from suppliers such as the bottle manufacturer, the box and label manufacturer but mostly the perfume house. In order for it to be a worthwhile project for them, I need to buy 10kgs of perfume juice, which makes about 1000 bottles. In the perfume world, this is very small, but this is a high number for small businesses.

I have in the past turned away many requests from small businesses due to them not being able to order the quantities required. I really disliked doing this, but I didn't feel that I could produce something that was high quality that I would be happy to say  'I made that' with the limited options for bottles, perfume and packaging that are available in low quantities. 

I have always wanted to make perfume accessible for small brands, so so after a lot of research, I located a perfume house that I could buy smaller quantities such as 2kgs from their perfume library. Their library is extensive and they have very beautiful fragrances so I had a lot to chose from for my clients. I found a reseller of one of my favourite French perfume bottle manufacturers that I could buy small quantities from, and then a printer that would print high quality boxes with only 100 units.

As I was pulling all of this together, Talia contacted me, so the timing was perfect!

We began by doing a Fragrance Discovery Session where we discussed the smells that Talia liked, as well as the fragrances she wore in the studio. I found a few commonalities in her preferred fragrances and I focused on sorting through the fragrance library to find several fragrances that fit that profile.



 I presented 10 fragrances for Talia to choose from and we finally settled in a beautiful fresh Tuberose scent. 

The bottles available in small quantities are very simple, but excellent quality and luckily Talia wanted a very clean minimal look so she liked the selection offered and there was a clear winner for her.


Talia then worked with my designer to create a box and label in a clean minimalist style. She wanted a 50ml, a 10ml travel size perfect for her ballet bag, and 2ml samples to give to customers purchasing a leotard. All boxes were made using a 650gsm beautiful textured card in bright white. All designs are then submitted to the compliance company I work with to ensure they are compliant for sale in whichever market they are being sold in.


Image Credit. Tagleo Instagram


I I normally work with a contract manufacturer to fill the projects I work on, but a small run of perfume is not worth their time, so I make do these small projects myself. I was able to indulge in my love of lab equipment and purchase a beautiful new copper perfume bottle crimper and collar press as well as a filling machine. 

I let the fragrance mature for a month and then mix it with Ethanol and let it sit for 2-4 weeks. This process is called maceration and allows all of the elements of the perfume to come together. We then chill and filter the fragrance before bottling it. I have been fortunate enough to work with a wonderful contract manufacturer for the past 12 years, and he has taught me how to do these smaller projects with the same care and precision as the larger runs that he does for me. 

With everything ready to go, I sent it off to Talia to await the launch of her store. You can see a Insta reel of the process here 




Send your pulse racing to the beat of this unapologetic, bold, fresh fragrance, Minimal Muse. Inspired by the strength and beauty of ballet, the opulence of tuberose blends seamlessly, with clean green notes of lily and a hint of rose. The final act transitions to the mellow refinement of musk to envelop you in an ethereal dream of dance.

Inhabit the muse by pairing this one of a kind fragrance with your Tagleo Look.

 TOP NOTES - Tuberose

MIDDLE NOTE - lily and rose

BASE NOTE - musk


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