Thursday 7 November 2013

A Fragrance for North Apartments Display Suite

I have a good friend who is a very talented designer. He is much in demand and I often get to go as his plus one to various designy type events. I quite enjoy going along as I get to bang on about my other fragrance love, scenting architectural spaces, to people who might just 'get it'. At one such event at the races, after much champagne, I met one of his clients, a lady who develops apartment buildings. She loved the idea of creating a fragrance for the display suite for her new apartment complex in North Melbourne

I work with a company who supply scent dispensing machines so we hooked up two machines to scent the entrance to the display suite, and the kitchen and bathroom. The fragrance the client chose was White Tea and Ginger, a fresh crisp scent designed to make potential buyers feel relaxed and at home.

If you would like The Powder Room to create a fragrance for your display suite, store or office, please contact

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