Thursday 7 November 2013

Perfume Master Classes for Shopping Centres

I love having the opportunity to talk to people about perfume. When I was distributing Miller Harris and Penhaligon's, I used to hold master classes to teach people about my brands (and hopefully make some sales), however I realised that lots of people are intrigued by perfume and would like to learn more so I started holding classes that were not brand specific, but more about the art of perfume. Now my Perfume Master Classes cover the history of perfume, perfumers training and how perfume is made. Guests have the opportunity to experience the raw materials, the building blocks of perfume, that I have collected in my travels, and we chat about how to chose a new fragrance.

I was invited by Robina Town Center in sunny Queensland and Eastland in Melbourne to present a series of Perfume Master Classes as part of their Spring Fashion activities. Normally attendees to my classes are perfume addicts, so they already have a good understanding about perfume, however most of the ladies who came to these classes didn't have a lot of experience with fragrance, so they were very eager to learn more.  They asked lots of questions and really enjoyed experiencing the raw materials, there was lots of lively discussion! I also highlighted new launch perfumes available in stores at the center in order to drive sales for the stores. Mecca, L'Occitane and Estee Lauder were kind enough to provide samples for my guests to take home and try.

Little did I know that they had my photo blown up and placed on this rather large sign. Note to self, airbrush promo photo. Looking at your own wrinkles when they are enlarged to about 30 cms is enough to drive a woman to botox. I made an appointment the next day.

One of the things I love about what I do is when people tell me that I have totally changed the way they think about perfume. Most people don't put a lot of thought into their fragrance choices, wearing  something their partner gave them, or the latest launch just because it is a big name brand. Perfume tells a story, your story, so make it a good story and chose something that represents you.

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