Monday 9 December 2013

Perfume Master Class with Cocktails

When I lived in London and worked for Miller Harris, we held perfume and wine matching master classes in our Mayfair store. There is so much synergy between wine and perfume and it was lots of fun exploring the similarities. I have wanted to do a Perfume and Cocktail Master Class as a follow on from the Champagne and Perfume Master Classes I did earlier in the year with The Champagne Dame so I contacted 1806, one of Melbourne's best cocktail bars. Luckily, Colleen, who looks after the PR and Marketing, loved my crazy idea, and Dan, a wonderful mixologist got to work creating some amazing cocktails.

First up is the Floral cocktail, a gorgeous concoction of rose and nashi pear on a base of vodka. The second cocktail was the  Fresh cocktail, a chamomile and citrus reduction over a gin base, it was like sipping on liquid sunshine!

The star of the show was undoubtedly the Wood cocktail, ooh and aahs echoed around the table as Dan and Colleen set them down. They were presented in an apothecary bottle with The Powder Room logo with smoke billowing from the top. A whiskey base, Lagavullen my favourite single malt, was served over a single cube of ice and the cinnamon stick was set on fire. Incredibly delicious and well presented.

Some people ask why perfume and cocktails? I say, why not? I love perfume, I love cocktails, they both take you on a sensory journey, and I like a drink, so why not combine them?

This event is be available for private functions at The Understudy at 1806. Please contact is you would like to book. Minimum 5 guests, $95 per person.

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