Saturday 11 July 2015

Autumn Winter 2015 at Pacific Fair

In April I was invited to present a Perfume Master Class at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast to celebrate the launch of their Autumn Winter Fashion campaign. Pacific Fair invited local Gold Coast bloggers and fashion blogger super star Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley  to enjoy breakfast by the river. The setting was gorgeous, and the bloggers were treated to sparkling wine and  yummy food followed by a fashion parade of the latest fashions. I love presenting my perfume master classes, but it is quite daunting choosing an outfit to wear when you know you will be standing in front of 20 fashion bloggers!

Once this part of the morning was complete, I went to work. We covered the history of perfume, and a little of how perfumers train and how they create their works of art. Not many people know of the extensive training required to become a perfumer, it makes me very sad that they are not often given the recognition they deserve. We then covered raw materials, how they are extracted and how they are the building blocks of perfume. 

Our bloggers then had an opportunity to create their own perfume, using the Olfactorium from Cinquieme Sens, our partner in Paris. The Olfactorium contains 19 accords, all representing the 19 fragrance family that Cinquieme Sens have identified.

Image Credits - Sassy Australia, Fifi Deluxe, The Fashion Heist and Zest Fashion Blog.

 I love seeing the photos that people post on Instagram. One of the main goals of The Powder Room is to change the way people think about perfume, and I find it very gratifying when people post lovely photos and comments about their experience.

The next day shoppers at Pacific Fair had the opportunity to attend perfume school with me. Guests were able to see the fashion and taste the food that the bloggers had in a series of stores across the centre, finishing with a perfume talk with me. I taught them how to chose a new fragrance for cooler weather, how to wear and store fragrance, and we smelt some new perfume launches including B. Balenciaga.
Image credit - Pacific Fair

If you work with a shopping centre and would like The Powder Room to present Perfume Master Classes as part of an activation, please email us

Tuesday 7 July 2015


Earlier in the year I met the lovely Luc Wiesman from D'Marge, a style blog for stylish men. Even though I am not the target market, I do read lots of the articles posted as they often feature beautiful cars and lots of good looking men looking all brooding and sharp.

As we were presenting at the launch of a new men's fragrance, we naturally started talking about what kind of fragrance Luc wears. I mentioned that I do write fragrance articles for various publications and Luc said he would love for me to write something for D'Marge.

Image credit D'Marge

Of course I was thrilled, and immediately said yes. As we were approaching winter, I suggested the article be about how to chose a fragrance for cooler weather. Most people don't think to change their fragrance with the season, so this was my chance to educate D'Marge readers how to go about it. Here is my first column.

D'Marge Winter Fragrances for Men