Tuesday 1 February 2022

Raygrance by Ray Meagher for GoDaddy

Home and Away's Ray Meagher reveals what his character Alf Stewart would  smell like | Daily Mail Online
Image Credit GoDaddy

Most of the work that comes my way begins as an email in my inbox from my website. Some sound exciting from the get go, others are what I call 'tire kickers', and some sound a little out there. Fun, but crazy.

Raygrance by GoDaddy was one of the latter emails. The agency looking after the project were looking for someone to take on the project and turn it around in a pretty short time. This is not unusual, agencies typically want to move very quickly after the client has approved the idea and I only had a couple of  months to bring their ideas to life. It was a little bit different from the high end projects I normally work on, but I love it when any business wants to use fragrance for a campaign, and I don't mind a little out there .

The previous years Flamin' Hot Sauce with Ray Meagher was so successful that they wanted to run another campaign with the proceeds going to a charity called Cure Cancer Australia. The idea was that any small business can create and launch a website quickly and easily using their Website Builder and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. If Australia's iconic 'Alf Stewart' could come up with a business idea, then build a website, anyone can.

The agency had pitched the idea that Ray would create and mix his own fragrance and then build the website. You can see a little bit behind the scenes in the article below with a little video

Raygrance Commercial

Ray's Flamin' Hot Sauce (@raysflaminsauce) / Twitter
Image Credit GoDaddy

Disclaimer: Ray did not actually mix the fragrance in the bathtub! I discussed with the agency what kind of fragrance they thought Ray would like and after studying some footage and images of Ray, I felt that the fragrance should be a fougere style fragrance, something timeless. After agreement with the agency, I worked with my perfumer to create a fougere style fragrance inspired by an iconic heritage fragrance by a very famous French brand. 

The Perfumer I work with is one of the most experienced, classically trained perfumers in Australia, so the perfume is just the same as you would buy from a department store. I really liked the fragrance we produced for this project, I think if the fragrance were to be judged on its merits alone, it would be well regarded.

Launched Raygrance to prove that getting online is easy. — Who are Cat &  Jess?
Image Credit GoDaddy


We created thousands of 15ml bottles for sale and 2ml samples to be given away via raygrance.com The first limited run sold out in a day and we had to make more pretty quickly. The campaign received some incredible coverage, you can see some if it below.

Media Campaign

As a result of this campaign, I actually used the GoDaddy Website Builder to launch two of my Covid babies, Have A Nice Day and Yeah Nah Candles

 If you would like to discuss a fragrance idea for a campaign, please reach out to us info@thepowder-room.com