Perfume Books

Perfume                                Patrick Suskand
The Secret of Scent              Luca Turin
The Alchemy of Scent         Jean-Claude Ellena
The Emperor of Scent          Chandler Burr
The Secret of Chanel No 5  Tilar J Mazzeo
Coming to my Senses          Alyssa Harad
The Perfume Lover              Denyse Beaulieu
Essence and Alchemy          Mandy Aftel
The Diary of a Nose            Jean-Claude Ellena
Scent and Subversion          Barbara Herman
Francois Coty                      Todedano/Coty
The Essence of Perfume      Roja Dove
Perfume                               Richard Stamelman
Cult Perfumes                     Tessa Williams\
Floating Gold                      Christopher Kemp

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